About Us

It all started with a desire to create high-quality, trendy décor to complement every type of interior design style.

FlashPoint Candle started at the Nashville Farmers’ Market in 2011, selling handmade multi-wick candles in reusable clay pottery vessels – every piece artful and well-crafted – each with a story. Popularity of these candles quickly spread throughout the Nashville area, the U.S., and soon, around the world.

Today, FlashPoint Candle is known around the globe for its fine décor pieces featuring on-trend colors, vessels, and designs created by a skilled team of artists and designers in Nashville.

We scour the earth searching for rich and pure ingredients to construct our timeless fragrances and strive to design décor pieces that push the boundaries and stretch the imagination, positioning the creative vision from a new angle.

With collections you won’t see anywhere else, FlashPoint Candle is dedicated to elevating your décor.